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    Occasional finder failure

    Nick Newman Newbie

      I'm seeing an odd problem with a deployed app on JBoss-3.0.7. Occasionally the app incorrectly reports a FinderException on a findByPrimaryKey method. By "incorrectly" I mean that the primary key it is searching for certainly DOES exist in the database.

      Most of the time, however, it works fine, even when searching for the same primary key that it occasionally claims doesn't exist.

      The entity bean is 2.0 style CMP. It is specified to be read-only, but otherwise everything is left at its default value.

      Any ideas on what could cause this type of occasional failure? Could it be a caching problem? Some sort of resource problem? (The JBoss instance has been running for a month or so through a number of hot deployments).

      Any hints would be appreciated. Thanks.

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          Nick Newman Newbie

          I had suspected JBoss of causing this problem, but I'm pleased to say that it is free of blame.

          It turns out that (unknown to me) a database table was being cleared and rewritten at regular intervals, so if the search happened just when the table was cleared.....

          I'm really pleased that JBoss STILL proves itself to be a great product!