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    [forge-dev] Fwd: New eclipse proposal on merging/combining cloud and desktop IDE's

    Rodney Russ Newbie

      I know that this is still in the proposal phase, but what do you think about Forge (eventually) supporting Eclipse Flight?



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      Subject: New eclipse proposal on merging/combining cloud and desktop IDE's




      I mentioned this project before in the past and now its moved to

      proposal phase at eclipse making it easier to link to


      Eclipse Flight


      A proposal I really like the idea behind since it marries the best parts

      of cloud with desktop based tooling and vice versa.

      Please mind you that just because it is at Eclipse the design/idea

      behind it is not limited to Eclipse IDE - this is intended

      to work with other IDE's like intellji or even vi.


      Proposal: http://projects.eclipse.org/proposals/flight

      github: https://github.com/spring-projects/flight627

      demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UmlFQMdBuow


      We/I are listed as interested party in this project so if you do try

      this out or find it interesting or

      even useless let me know.


      p.s. yes Tim - this is using node, not vert.x - even though its from







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