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    RHQ metrics

    Filippe Spolti Novice

      Hello guys, I'm running an AS 7.2 in standalone mode.





      I discover the AS server into RHQ with no problems, but few metrics are available.


      Datasources metrics, i have only 4:

      Max Pool Size Setting

      Max Wait Time

      Min Pool Size setting

      Timed Out per minute

      Http metrics:

      Error Count per Minute

      Max connections

      Request Count per Minute

      Memory and treading: No metrics.

      JMS Queues: No metrics

      I found this topic: https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/RHQ49/JBoss+AS+7.x+Product+Configuration#JBossAS7.xProductConfiguration-EnablingHTTPResponseTimeMetrics

      But this is only for http metrics, how can i enable all other metrics?