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    PicketLink 2.6.0.Beta3 Released

    Pedro Igor Master

      Hi All,


          Today we've released PicketLink 2.6.0.Beta3.


          It is a minor release, with a very few issues, before we reach CR and very soon Final.


          This is the first release that is being fully integrated with WildFly 8 (currently 8.0.0.Final). Very soon we'll have a subsystem for PicketLink Identity Management and Federation.


          Also, users can now have a better experience with PicketLink and WildFly. A issue was fixed in WildFly that was impacting our CDI support when using PicketLink static modules. We're going to provide documentation about how to update WildFly with the latest version of PicketLink.


      Thanks in advance !

      PicketLink Team