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    Fuse Fabric - Communication across containers

    Sri Bodapati Newbie


      I am trying to understand the Fuse Fabric setup and how the inter-container communication works. If I setup a fabric with two containers both running different code (diferent set of bundles), how can I communicate between different bundles in different containers?

      From the documentation it looks like, the NMR is for inter-bundle communication with in the container. Not interested in the JBI container as it is via XMl/WSDL. So how can I acheive this with out using any XML or Webservice technologies? Is NMR / Camle- NMR capable of doing this?


      Attached a diagram to describe what I am trying to acheive.


      Appreciate your time!

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          Ulhas Bhole Novice

          Hi Sri,


          You probably need to use some Messaging technology which is much more scalable and clean for such inter-container communication. One simple way is to use ActiveMQ/JBoss A-MQ either with a common external broker hosting the queue for communication or two broker in each container having network of broker setup so that the queue would be replicated.


          With Fuse Fabric it will be easy to setup a network of broker.




          Ulhas Bhole