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    Time series data in Infinispan

    Ges George Newbie

      I'm looking into storing some time series data for set of items in Infinispan and looking for any suggestions that you may have in how it could be done.

      Example, item1 -> t1, t2, t3, ... tn

      item2 -> t1, t2, t3.... tm etc


      And appending to it as data becomes available.


      One approach could be to just store every data point as an entry in the cache, but this would make querying out a time window of data for a particular item difficult.


      Another approach would be capture the time series in a time series data structure which is stores in the cache against an item. But this could prove to be expensive to update the datastructure especially if one is dealing with streaming data.


      Is there some kind of an optimized multimap structure in Infinispan that could be used for this purpose?