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    Blueprint Bundle with Metatype deployment problem

    Roy Brumby Newbie


      I have a bundle containing a blueprint which just defines an AMQ broker connection with properties referenced via cm:property-placeholder.

      The values for these properties are defined in a metatype.xml.


      When I deploy (Fuse 6.0.0) the bundle it fails to start due to the properties not being resolved (the unparsed "${propName}"'s are used instead of the property values).

      The metatype property definitions are created (and are visible in the web console) exactly as expected.

      If I add cm:default-properties to my blueprint, the bundle deploys fine, but then it always uses the default values from the blueprint rather than the values defined in metatype.


      Once successfully deployed, I can then remove the cm:default-properties and redeploy & everything works as expected - but this is a workaround and means I have to add cm:default-properties, deploy, remove cm:default-properties and then deploy again. I guess another workaround would be to put the metatype definition in a separate bundle but that seems more work than should be necessary.


      How is this supposed to work? Is there a timing issue in the deployment process between metatype model deployment and the bundle? Or am I missing something (I also tried making activation lazy on all my beans to see if that would allow the metatype definition to be created first but it made no difference)?


      Thanks for your help!