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    Some questions about JBoss

    rgrin Newbie


      I work with JBoss 3.2.3.

      1. Question about CMR (jbosscmp-jdbc.xml file): what is the default behaviour if there is no <key-fields> tag inside an ejb-relation-role
      - with a <foreign-key-mapping />
      - with a <relation-table-mapping>

      For example with <foreign-key-mapping /> (a one to many relation; one job for many employees); this code had been generated by a JBuilder open tool:

       <foreign-key-mapping />
       <ejb-relationship-role> <ejb-relationship-role-name>EmployeeRelationshipRole</ejb-relationship-role-name>
       <ejb-relationship-role> <ejb-relationship-role-name>JobRelationshipRole</ejb-relationship-role-name>

      2. I have a BigDecimal field "salary". How can I use it with finders? For the moment I have to declare it as a double field to use it in EJB-QL requests.

      Thanks in advance for your answer.