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    Errai 2.4.3 I18N demo does not appear to be working

    Tim McClure Apprentice

      I am executing the Errai 2.4.3 I18N demo and it does not appear to be working as when I change my Chrome browser language to French English is still displayed - any ideas?



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          Jonathan Fuerth Master

          Hi Tim,


          When the i18n features got added to Errai, we observed that in two multilingual jurisdictions (Switzerland and Canada) the rules are that each site/webapp must include its own language switching controls and use those in preference to browser or OS locale settings. So the approach we're recommending at this point is to include a LocaleListBox in your app: this widget lists all available translations and lets the user switch between them.


          If you do want to try to detect the browser/OS locale setting, you could do this in an EntryPoint class of your app and then call TranslationService.setCurrentLocale() with the locale you've discovered.


          Of course, remember you will have to refresh the whole web page every time you change your OS or browser locale setting.