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    Re: Guava dependency - to drop or not to drop?

      That's a valid concern,




      It leaves us only with one option:


      • get rid of the deprecated Beta APIs (PR sent, thanks Cody!)

      • upgrade to 16.x


      We could:


      • get rid of APIs as we upgrade to newer Java

      • get rid of APIs we do use sparely and for no reason (e.g. just once or

      twice) (e.g. MapMaker)





      Some of other APIs we use and are still @Beta in 16:


      2x ByteStreams (@Beta, but Since Guava 1.0)

      1x Files (@Beta, but Since Guava 1.0)

      4x LoadingCache (@Beta, Since Guava 11.0)


      The last one is the only which is potentially fragile (we already had to

      refactor it once):