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    jbpm6 webapplication Error - Data Input has missing or incomplete Data

    vinoth manickam Newbie

      Hello ,


      I'm new jbpm6 and trying to learn , so i have downloaded the sample web application jbpmwebexample. I had to import into eclipse and trying to run , but before that giving an error in bpmn tamplate.

      Data Input has missing or incomplete Data  and this is the code which showing error :


      <bpmn2:ioSpecification id="InputOutputSpecification_2">

              <bpmn2:dataInput id="_9_ContentInput" name="Content"/>

              <bpmn2:dataInput id="_9_CommentInput" name="Comment"/>

              <bpmn2:dataInput id="_9_SkippableInput" name="Skippable"/>

              <bpmn2:dataInput id="_9_TaskNameInput" name="TaskName"/>

              <bpmn2:dataInput id="_9_PriorityInput" name="Priority"/>


      and persistence.xml mentioned that


          <mapping-file>META-INF/Taskorm.xml</mapping-file>, these files are missing.


      Please advise , how to resolve the error.