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    Read-Ahead Problem

    Amit Newbie

      Hi PPl,
      I have a cmp which has 2 finder methods, one findByPrimaryKey and other is custom finder which returns collection. For the custom finder method I am using read-ahead with on-find strategy.
      Now the problem is container is throwing sql exception "unexpected end of SQL command" when I try to retreive a value from object returned by findByPrimaryKey method.
      If I call findByPrimaryKey before calling my custom finder method I get no exception but if once I have called custom finder all calls after that to findByPrimaryKey throws same exception. and the query which server is executing is not complete, it says "select id from tablename where "

      If I remove read-ahead from customer finder findByPrimaryKey works fine.

      If I comment this part of jbosscmp-jdbc.xml everything works fine

      Page-Size must be zero. Otherwise order by clause in JBoss-Ql stmt required

      Windows XP

      Pls advice what's required to fix this issue.