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    Exhaustion of the pool of available connections - the application during idle times

    Martin Tatarczak Newbie


      We use jboss-as-7.1.1.Final on several environments. In a production environment (as usual on the production of the most interesting problems!) There is a problem with the lack of a free connection pool.

      We found that it is not feasible to run at the time of these connections because max pool size was set to 20 and the problem appeared when trying to input by 1 user.

      At 100% no one at the moment does not perform other operations, and the application was idle.

      In the administrative console, you can see that jboss connection pool is actually exhausted, even though no one is using the application.

      Is there a way to break the connection pool?

      How can I force a periodic severing connections?

      How to protect yourself from such a situation?