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    Is it possible to define a service at runtime?

    Prasenjit Das Newbie

      We are building a Service oriented Knowledge Engineering Platform. We have used SY as the underlying service delivery framework. Now there is a new requirement: to provide end-users the ability to define their own services and a way to integrate these services with the platform. These services should be able to use other services (user defined services and the services bundled with the platform).

      My understanding is: In SY, all the services are defined at development time and the SY compiler resolves the references before a service can be deployed. How do we define the service at runtime and build/deploy it? Is it possible?

      To be able to do this, SY compiler should be available at runtime. This will also lead to modifications to service and reference registry maintained by SY runtime.

      Please let me know if this is possible? Or if this may be available in a future release?




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          Keith Babo Master

          This is not possible today, but we are always interested in making the runtime more flexible to accommodate additional use cases.  Best bet would be to describe in detail what you want based on your requirements.  Perhaps start with a basis example and list out the extension points you think you'll need.  For example, how will these additional services be implemented?  Are they straight Java code using our core API, CDI beans, or binding proxies for remote services?