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    How to update rules from Kie Workbench?

    Marcelo Gastón Rebasti Peralta Newbie



      I wonder if it's possible to update the rules used in SwitYard directly from Kie Workbench.


      In a plain java application I can listen for changes using code like this:


      KieServices kieServices = KieServices.Factory.get(); 
      ReleaseId releaseId = kieServices.newReleaseId( "org.acme", "myartifact", "1.0-SNAPSHOT" );
      KieContainer kContainer = kieServices.newKieContainer( releaseId );
      KieScanner kScanner = kieServices.newKieScanner( kContainer ); 
      // Start the KieScanner polling the Maven repository every 10 seconds
      kScanner.start( 10000L );


      It's this posible using the rules component?




      Marcelo Rebasti