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    getTasksByVariousFields - claim Task does not work

    Andreas G. Novice



      In my process defintion my task is assigned to a user.


           <userTask id="UserTask_1" name="User Task 1">










      I get the task by methode getTasksByVariousFields of TaskService - taskService.getTasksByVariousFields(null, null, processInstancIdList, null, null, null, null, false);

      If I try to claim the task I get an exception of type PermissionDeniedException. Error message: User '[UserImpl:'andi']' was unable to execution operation 'Claim' on task id 1 due to a no 'current status' match.


      The weird thing is, that if I get the task by methode getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner("andi", "en-UK") i can claim the task altough I get the same TaskSummary-Object. All attributes have the same values.


      What is the reason for that?


      Thanks for your help