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    CMRs across schemas and aplications

    gorano Newbie


      I have a "global" application with a set of cmp entity beans. One of the beans are Service.

      What I want to do (but it fails so far) is to create unidirectional CMRs to this bean and other beans from other applications on the same application server(different DDs and jars).

      I have for example a bean called ServiceDetail and I would like to create a one-to-one unidirectional to the Service bean.

      The problem seems to be that the beans are in different jars and DDs. When deployed JBoss complains that the ServiceDetail can't find the target bean Service (JBoss 3.2.3).

      I am experimenting with some XDoclet tags @ejb.ejb-ref and
      @ejb.ejb-external-ref and @jboss.ejb-ref-jndi but without success.

      Do I have to put the applications in the same ear (just deploying the jars at the moment)?

      Is there anyone that has an example of how to do this? Not nessesary as XDoclet, I'm happy to see the DDs as well.

      Please give me some hints that put me in the right direction.