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    Length of value in MeasurementDataTrait

    Łukasz Żmuda Newbie


      I have a question to Developers.

      I want pass to  MeasurementDataTrait some String, longer than 255. But in org.rhq.core.domain.measurement.MeasurementDataTrait class, length of "value" is equal only 255.


          @Column(length = 255)

          private String value;


      I have found in database, that size of value in the table RHQ_MEASUREMENT_DATA_TRAIT is equal 4000 BYTES. I suppose that size of "value" in class MeasurementDataTrait can be a bit bigger, for example 500. Am I right?

      Is there any possibility that in the future RHQ releases,  size of "value" will be lengthened?