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    Errai UI And Google OAuth

    Charles Odili Apprentice

      I need to use OAuth in my Errai UI app. There's a login button in header.html (header.html is tied to @Templated AppHeader.java), which when clicked, should contact Google for authentication and then redirect back to the app's home url (index.jsp). On successful login, the login button should have a different text / label and maybe contain a dropdown.

      The issue here is how to do such a jsp-like code within header.html. I tried renaming header.html to header.jsp and updated the @Templated annotation in the AppHeader.java class, but got an error saying "there was no header.jsp for the template AppHeader".

      Considering that the UI widgets I want to change / augment after login are within header.html, how best do I approach OAuth in an Errai UI app ?