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    LGPL dependency to JBoss Marshalling

    sschaffert Newbie

      Dear all,


      I am one of the main developers of Apache Marmotta, and recently we switched to Infinispan as caching infrastructure, especially because of its clustering capabilities. Unfortunately we realised only later that Infinispan has a dependency to a LGPL library (JBoss Marshalling), which does not permit us to do a new release of Apache Marmotta because the LGPL dependency is incompatible with the Apache license as far as the Apache Software Foundation is concerned (see http://www.apache.org/legal/3party.html). Unfortunately, Infinispan seems to be tied so deeply to JBoss Marshalling that it seems to be not possible to exchange the dependency with e.g. Apache Avro. What I'd like to know is if there is any chance that:

      1) either JBoss Marshalling is re-licensed to Apache 2.0 license (which would make it compatible)

      2) or run Infinispan without the dependency to JBoss Marshalling (by e.g. exchanging it with Apache Avro)


      I need a solution now rather quickly, because this issue is blocking our release since more than 1 month already. If there is no solution, I will have to revert back to some other caching solution, which I would not like to do because Infinispan provides a very good solution for our problem.


      I opened an issue to both Infinispan (ISPN-3848) and JBoss Marshalling (JBMAR-158) a while ago to see if there is a solution. Since I got no reply, I am asking here again.