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    Export BPM project

    Stijn C. Newbie



      We're just getting started here using jBPM 6, and I was wondering whether it was possible to export a project to a package, and import it on a different jBPM installation?

      I have been browsing the documentation available, but I am having no luck in finding the relevant information.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Cattie,

          You mean the projects created inside KIE-WB? Each project created inside KIE-WB is a jar artefact installed in a maven repository so it can be migrated to another maven repository if you need to. You can also make another installation to point the same sources for the project and you can build it again in the new installation if you want to. It really depends on what do you want to operate.

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            Stijn C. Newbie

            Hello Mauricio,


            Thanks for the quick reply!


            Yes, I do mean projects created inside the KIE-WB. To elaborate, we have different environments: one for development, one for testing and then a production one, all on different, physical servers. I'd like to be able to develop a project on the development platform, and then import that on the other platforms as needed.

            I am not very familiar with Maven... Does this JAR artifact reside somewhere in the directory structure of the jBPM installation? So an export/import would be manually copying this JAR to the correct path on the other platform?


            I'll check out the documentation on Maven. If you know of any specific documentation relevant to my question, that would be most helpful.

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              Mauricio Salatino Master

              You definitely need to take a deep look at maven to see how it works. Its quite standard in the industry and now it is a core component in the platform. It works based on standards so take a look on maven and feel free to ask questions about the platform. Regarding your question, you will see that maven creates a local repository where all the artefacts are stored. You can also configure maven to have remote repositories which it might be useful in your scenario.



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                Stijn C. Newbie

                Alright, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Looks like I have some catching up to do.

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                  Amit Gupta Newbie

                  Hi Maurice,


                  I'm facing same challenge. My intent is to move my JBPM project from 6.0 version to 6.1. However, I want to use Kie Workbench for it and not eclipse.

                  Is there no functionality in Kie Workbench to meet this ?


                  On the other hand, I have imported the jar of my project from 6.0 to 6.1 through Artefact Repository but it is assets are not available in Project Editor for further development..


                  Any thoughts please?



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                    Travis Zimmerman Newbie

                    Amit, I recently upgraded from 6.0 to 6.1.  I listed the steps below that I followed to transfer my existing projects to the new installation.


                    Stijn, you could use a similar process to transfer your projects to different environments (dev, test, etc.).  For example, you could use git to clone the project from your dev server, and then push that project to your test server.


                    • Before shutting down 6.0:
                      • Noted the names of my organizational units and repositories
                      • Used git to clone each of my repositories to my local hard drive
                        • Example: git clone git://hostname:9418/repo-name
                    • Shut down 6.0
                    • Started 6.1
                    • In the new Kie Workbench:
                      • Created organizational units to match the previous installation
                      • Created repositories with the same names as the previous installation
                    • On local hard drive:
                      • First I had to use git to pull the new (empty) repository
                        • Example: git pull origin master
                      • Then I could push the project to the new (empty) repository
                        • Example: git push origin master
                    • In Kie Workbench, I refreshed the repository list and my projects showed up


                    I hope this helps someone!

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                      masoud jabbarvand Newbie

                      Hi Stijn and others

                      do you reach the right solution?

                      I also want to export a project from kie-wb in one server and import it in other one. (kie 6.4 on tomcat 7) . in this version I could export a project (and repository) from below section. this prepare a zip file that contains project files.

                      but i cannot import this project in the right place!

                      best regards