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    Having an issue with the FS filter

    Scott Lopez Newbie



      I have two different ESB components that handle two different files.  The two filter configurations are shown below:


      <fs-provider name="Fileset1FSProvider">

         <fs-bus busid="Fileset1FSChannel">

             <fs-message-filter directory="c:\projects\data\dir1\input"



               error-suffix=".errors" input-suffix=".csv" post-delete="false"


               post-rename="true" post-suffix=".fileset1_processed" work-suffix=".fileset1_processing"/>




      <fs-provider name="Fileset2FSProvider">

         <fs-bus busid="FSChannel">



                   error-delete="true" error-directory="C:\projects\data\fileset2\errors"

                   error-suffix=".error" input-suffix=".xml" post-delete="false"

                   post-directory="C:\projects\data\fileset2\complete" post-rename="true"

                   post-suffix=".fileset2_processed" work-suffix=".fileset2_processing"/>




      Fileset1 is supposed to process the csv files while Fileset2 is supposed to process xml files.  Unfortunately they both run, throwing all kinds of errors.  What do I need to change in the filter to get this to work.


      Please let me know if you need more info.


      Thanks in advance for the help.