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    CMP-Many-to-Many relation table with compound primary keys a

    Peter Schilling Newbie


      "pschor" wrote:
      "pschor" wrote:
      I simplified my model with an example, but reality is more complex.

      The example: Groups have companies and companies have employees.
      the pk of group: group
      the pk of company: group-company
      the pk of employee: group-company-employee

      A company has employees, and one employee can work on more than a company of the same group.

      I want to develop the Company and Employee with CMP with a many-to-many relationship and a relation table mapping.

      The question is: can I share common fields in the relation table mapping? The group is allways the same, and I'd like to have less columns:

      Instead of a relation table: group1-company1-group2-company2-employee2

      I'd like the table to be: group-company-employee

      Thank you,