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    Replicated cluster conf not distributing entries evenly

    Fernando Troya Newbie



      We have a cluster setup in 3 nodes using ISPN 6.0.1.Final on JBoss7. Node C and D reside separately in a physical destination other than node A's. In fact, in 2 different cities.

      Every node has this configuration in clustered.xml


      <replicated-cache name="employees-rep-sync-sync" mode="SYNC"
                          remote-timeout="30000" start="EAGER">
                          <locking isolation="READ_COMMITTED" acquire-timeout="30000"
                              concurrency-level="1000" striping="false" />
                          <transaction mode="NONE" />
                          <file-store passivation="false" preload="true" fetch-state="false"
                              shared="false" path="employees-rep-sync-sync-${jboss.node.name}">


      The file-store between nodes B and C, as you probably guess, is also shared.


      The problem is that entries are not being evenly distributed, as you can see in this picture:



      We don't understand why this is happening, given that a replicated cache is implemented as a distributed cache with numOwners equal to the size of the cluster.

      We discarded the possiblity that entries are not yet balanced, as it's setup as sync


      Any clues?