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    Drop Down menu slow rendering in IE

    Rai C Newbie

      I have a problem with Richfaces Dropdown menu which is dynamically created loads very slow in IE, there is a pause for each dropdown and once the final drop down loads the page is rendered takes about 8 seconds which is annoying.

      This problem doesnt exist in firefox or chrome where the page is rendered instantly.

      This dynamic dropdown menu is d/b driven and contains upto 400 menu items within different menugroups. Essentially for those drop downs which have a large menu items it is taking time. I tried to set the width for each dropdown menugroup, menuitem due to the know factor that Internet Explorer calculates the width and then renders.

      The component uses toolbar, drop down menu , menu groups and menu items.

      Any help is appreciated why its rendering slow in IE8 and how to improve the performance of drop down menu in Internet explorer.


      Thanks in advance