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    Narayana and Spring with multiple JVM

    Dinesh J. Weerakkody Newbie



      I'm developing a distributed web application with spring and hibernate. First of all let me explain the basic structure of the application.



      We have 3 JEE web projects (.war),

      1) Web UI

      2) Purchase related service (back-end application)

      3) Payment related service (back-end application)

      All these applications are running in 3 different tomcat servers in 3 physical servers. Development database is PostgreSQL and Oracle 11G as live DB.



      When user enter new purchase details to the system I want to create a payment record too. Purchase record should handled by purchase back-end and payment should handled by the payment back-end. Currently everything works fine without the transaction handling part.



      If something goes wrong in the payment back-end, purchase record also should be rollback. What is the best way to handle these distributed transactions. Can I use Narayana-JTS standalone version to fulfill my requirement. Can someone suggest a method and sample spring configuration code snippets.



      I prefer a method without JBossAS, because my applications are lightweight and no need any AS features up-to now.