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    How to install Spring as a module on WildFly8?

    Wind Wild Newbie

      Hello everyone!

      Recently,I am studying how to install Spring as a module on WildFly8? In this way,our projects can share the Spring jar which in the module but not one by one inport to their web libraries.

      Accord to following ducuments:


      I knowed that Install a module on JBoss AS 7 requires creating a path under the JBOSS_HOME/modules folder. Under this path, you will install the JAR libraries which are part of the module and a module.xml file which describes the module itself and dependencies with other module,and I test successfully.But what confuse me is when i want to install Spring as a module,there are a lot of .jar package,and I don't know what module it dependencies.

      The following ducument describes create a custom module for the Hibernate 3.x Libraries on JBoss AS 7

      How do I migrate my application from WebSphere to WildFly - WildFly 8 - Project Documentation Editor

      Which other module is Spring module depend,I can't comfirm.Is there anyway or anwser can help me to solve this problem?

      Please help!