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    How we can deploy workflow engine (jBPM) on server?

    Rahul Magdum Novice


      As we know, jBPM workflow engine uses jBoss, h2 database etc.

      I want to deploy this engine on a server. What are the steps to do so?
      Any standard document?

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          Mauricio Salatino Master

          Hi Rahul,

          that's not entirely true. We provide different distributions of the KIE-Workbench for Jboss, EAP, and tomcat (and WAS work in progress). So you can deploy it in any server that you want. Each server requires different steps and configurations, so it really depends on the server that you want to use.. there are no standard documents for that same reason. The KIE-Workbench is just a web application, so you can take a look at the different distributions to find out what needs to be changed for your specific server.


          The same for H2, we are using that as a default database.. but it's not required. We usually recommend using a different database when you are running jBPM in a production environment.



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