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    Help on Deploy,Upgrade jBPM.

    Rahul Magdum Novice

      I am studying jBPM and while doing so i come with following conclusions; i need your view/feedback/suggestions/corrections on it.
      1) jBPM Deployment:
      So to use jBPM, either we can use jBPM libraries in our project or deploy jBPM work flow engine war file on jBoss/Tomcat/EAP and make API calls from our application.
      2) jBPM Upgradation:
      if i have written workflows in jBPM 6 using BPMN standard, if in future jBPM 7 comes with new approach; i have to rewrite/change my existing workflows.
      But if jBPM 7 also uses BPMN standard, the amount of change required might be none or small.
      I have few questions also -

      1) Can we upgrade work flow engine without stopping its ongoing work?
      2) Is there any way by which, engine will not start new workflows/processes? (but will complete running workflows)

      3) if there is a workflow A, and its in use by process P1. Now i want to deploy new workflow B to replace A. is there such provision that running process P1 will use A, but new processes after that will use B workflow?