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    CMP commit-option A produces erroneous results

    Michael Arnett Newbie


      "mikelarnett" wrote:
      I am using JBoss 3.2.1 with JDK1.4.2_03. I have a MS SqlServer 2000 DB and I am using the MS JDBC drivers. I have a CMP that has been configured to use commit-option A. All works fine unless a row is changed. If a row is changed, the CMP is not updated properly. For instance, if I have a CMP with a field called EmployeeID and a method called findByEmployeeID, then I will get erroneous results if someone changes the DB values for the EmployeeID field. For example, the DB contains only one row and the EmployeeID value is set to 3. Executing the findByEmployeeID for all EmployeeID = 2 will return a null value (which is correct ). However, if someone then goes into the DB, and changes the value of the existing DB row's EmployeeID field to 2 and then re-execute the findByEmployeeID method for all EmployeeID =2, then the DB row is returned. However, the EmployeeID is still set to 3.
      Is this a known bug?