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    Cannot stop jboss as 7 with errors while starting (related to arjuna recovery service)

    Eric van der Maarel Newbie

      When I start an ejb application with jboss 7 (7.1.3.Final) and e.g. the data source is not available at that time, server starup fails with loads of exceptions. So bet it. However, what's more annoying is that the server cannot be stopped by hitting Ctrl-C or by any other means to start the shutdown sequence (have to use kill -9...).


      From the server log I can tell that the transaction recovery manager, that runs every 2 minutes, is still running. I'm not sure this is causing the problem, but this service's shutdown (i.e., ArjunaRecoveryManagerService.stop) is never called (and it is when the server gets started without an error). In a debug session I've seen the registration and start of the recovery service happen.


      Any clues that can lead to a proper shutdown in the error situation described will be much appriciated.