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    Standalone-full.xml: Unable to Login while running 2 instances at the same time

    Nelson Wilson Newbie


      Folder Structure:-

      jboss-as-7.2.0.Final/ abc1

      jboss-as-7.2.0.Final/ abc2


      Here abc1 and abc2 are as if a standalone folder. I have considered this as 2 instance abc1 and abc2. I have defined 2 different port-offset for both instances at my start-up script.

      Scenario :-

      1) When I run both the application(i.e. both instance abc1,abc2) at the same time, I can access both the application without any problem. Same is the case when I individually run the application.

      2) When I try to access any one of the application instances,say abc1, through Apache mod_jk its also working fine.

      3) But when I start another instance i.e. abc2 through Apache mod_jk , the instance abc1 gets redirected to Login Page.


      I have configured Apache mod_jk perfectly, as far as i know. I am unable to understand whats the problem is. I have checked the application logs where it shows sessions created, but why it again redirects to the login page after logging in when both the instance are running at the same time. Even I don't find anything unusual in Apache logs.

      Please give me any hint.

      Thanking in advance.