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    how to get job executor configuration values?

    Rahul Magdum Novice

      I am using KIE workbench and
      I am trying to get org.kie.executor.pool.size value by following way -

      But it returns blank/null value.
      What is it so?
      how can i see these values?
      and can i modify them using System.setProperty()?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          the default values are not set as system properties so you won't be able to get them that way. See the configuration section in this chapter of documentation. Missing value there is retry count which is by default 3.



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            Rahul Magdum Novice

            Hi Maciej,
            Thanks for reply. I read that documentation.
            But how can i change these values?

            i know i can change them in jobs perspective of kie workbench. But i want to change it from eclipse jBPM project.
            so in jBPM 6, should i change jbpm.cfg.xml file for this?

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              yellapu sony Newbie

              Hi Maciej,


              I have similar question related to JBPM executor.

              I am using JBPM 7.0.0Final ,deployed in wildfly10.1


              Designed simple workflow that contains script tasks with required system.out.println() & wait time of 2 seconds using Thread.sleep().And deployed the workflow with per-request runtime strategy.Executing my workflow asynchronously Using KieServicesClient  API for 30 times.Even though I am executing for 30 times simultaneously .The executor processing only 10 requests at once.Is there any configurations at wildfly server level or JBPM/KIE application level to change. So that the JBPM executor will  process all the requests at a time. What is the default number of threads it can execute at once?


              Related Properties:

              1. org.kie.executor.pool.size=5

              2 .  <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:io:1.1">

                          <worker name="default" io-threads="300" task-max-threads="300"/>

                          <buffer-pool name="default"/>




              I have even posted this question under JBPM >Discussion>Tittle>JBPM Executor load testing issue.



              Thanks in advance.