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    join query is not working in teiid designer 8.4.

    Laxmi Rathore Newbie

      I am trying to join two tables . One table is from oracle and other is from db2. I am getting parsing error :

      TEIID31100 Parsing error: Encountered "db2.id=ora.id [*]_[*]__" at line 7, column 1.
      Lexical error. Character is not a valid token: _


      And query written by me is :

      SELECT db2.name,db2.id

      FROM New_DB2_for_Linux_UNIX_and_Windows_2_.emp db2 , New_Oracle_3_.emp ora

      where db2.id=ora.id


      info abt table:

      New_DB2_for_Linux_UNIX_and_Windows_2_.emp is data source from db2

      and New_Oracle_3_.emp is data source from oracle databases.


      Can anybody give suggestion to overcome from above problem.