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    Could not start JBOSS EAP as cluster

    Yurii Lybarskii Newbie

      I need distributed cache and session replication in my application. So, how I understand, i just need start two instance of jboss eap with stadalone-ha.xml configuration

      /jboss-eap-6.2-node-2/bin/standalone.sh-Djboss.node.name=node2 --server-config=standalone-ha.xml
      /jboss-eap-6.2-node-1/bin/standalone.sh-Djboss.node.name=node1 -Djboss.socket.binding.port-offset=200 --server-config=standalone-ha.xml

      Then, i deploy web app with </distributable > tag in web.xml

      In logs i see next lines

      13:22:00,611 INFO  [org.infinispan.factories.GlobalComponentRegistry] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 53) ISPN000128: Infinispan version: Infinispan 'Delirium' 5.2.7.Final
      13:22:00,652 DEBUG [org.jboss.as.clustering] (MSC service thread 1-29) ViewAccepted: initial members set for partition web: 0 (org.jboss.as.clustering.impl.CoreGroupCommunicationService$GroupView@6a3b2841)
      13:22:00,653 INFO  [org.jboss.as.clustering] (MSC service thread 1-29) JBAS010238: Number of cluster members: 1
      13:22:00,656 DEBUG [org.jboss.as.clustering] (MSC service thread 1-29) node1/web

      What am i doing   wrong?

      Testing on virtual machine, jboss eap version 6.2