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    <deep-read-ahead> but reload WHY?

    Takenori Sato Newbie


      With <deep-read-ahead> on JBoss3.2.3 & MySQL,
      I may overcome the index limitation with little performance loss.

      MySQL has only 32 indexes per bean.
      So when I need a big bean which need indexes more than 32,
      I take that bean apart using 1 to 1 relationship.

      'left outer join' is successfully called everytime.
      Maybe all the fields needed are preloaded.
      But many lazy loading queries are executed on every instance
      when that access any field of that the other end of the relationship.

      Commit option is "B".
      Strategy is "on-find".
      Transaction is "Required".
      eager-load-group is "*".
      page-size = "20";
      (20 lazy loading queries are executed!!!)

      Could anyone give me an idea?
      I will appreciate any help.