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    DTGov Demos. Signaling Analysis Docs Complete

    David virgil naranjo Novice

      Hi guys,


      First congrats for your development. It is great.


      I have started the installation of the product.


      I used this url to install s-ramp and dtgov: DTGov Guide


      Then I tried this other post to start playing with the app:




      I do not understand so well the section Signaling Analysis Docs Complete.


      When is it sent the AnalysisArtifactsComplete signal? I used the user gary to login that has dev,qa roles. The jar contains the classifiers DevPass and QaPass.


      I was wondering when this signal is sent. I checked the jar file trying to see the BaInReview classifier but it didn´t appear.


      Also it is said in the post that the admin has these roles:




      But I checked and the admin has admin=overlorduser,overlordadmin.



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          Kurt Stam Master

          Hi David,


          1. I think the easiest way to get started from source is to follow https://github.com/Governance/overlord


          2. Here is a description of the demo you are working with https://github.com/Governance/dtgov/tree/master/dtgov-demos/dtgov-demos-project

          The jbpm signal is sent by dtgov when you check in the appropriate artifact (the requirements doc in this case), based on the signal defined in the pom, so make sure to use the maven task to upload, since that uploads both the doc and the pom, plus it will create the right relationship to the encompassing project. It then creates a human task. This task can be seen by someone with the 'ba' role. The admin has all roles, so it's easy to use that for testing.


          Hope this helps.



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            David virgil naranjo Novice

            Thanks Kurk,


            This is the right way for deploying dtgov+s-ramp. I deployed both based on the instructions of the general documentation, but it does not deploy the correct dtgov-workflow jar for this example. It would be good to include in the example doc, a link to Governance/overlord · GitHub


            About this Governance/overlord · GitHub link as I told you some days before, was not working for me. I found the reason. The ant build file gives you a successful build, when the password introduced is not in a correct format. The password introduced should contain numbers, alphanumerics and be bigger than 8 characters...  After this little issue, I could deploy using this ant build.


            For guiding myself I used this video, and did the same steps:




            Maybe the version which the video was done differs with the current version. I found some differences.


            • The signal in the video, was convert to _maven.property.signal.sent . In my case the signal appeared but not with the suffix ".sent"signal_is_not_set_to_sent.jpeg
            • When I upload throw maven each artifact I receive in the dtgov dashboard tasks, two tasks. In the video it only appears the one related to the BA, Architects and Developers. For me taking a quick look to the dtgov.properties and the bpmn files makes sense to have 2 tasks.


            • I can follow the same steps as the video, but when I upload the service impl artifact, I do not receive a task "Implementation Review Meeting". Screens attached if they can help: