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    correct port not appended for imported abstract wsdl inside a concrete wsdl -EAP 5.1

    Ram Biradar Newbie

      Hi there:

      We are facing the issue as below:


      We have a setup where in consumer will invoke web service which is deployed in 2 managed servers of JBoss. Consumer has been provided with a load balanced URL which in turn will  load balance it to one of these servers. Our WSDL has an import statement of Abstract WSDL and Schema’s. What we observed is that during runtime these import URL’s are taking IP address of JBoss managed server and port# of load balancer because of which it is not able to find these resources.




      Actual Behavior (Which is not correct):


      <wsdl:import location="http:// Managed_Server_IPAddress: Load_Balancer_Port /mailindexing/mailindexing?wsdl&resource=XSD/EMailIndexingAbstract.wsdl" namespace="http://net.apmoller.crb.soa.service.mailIndexing/v1"/>


      Correct Behavior(Both IP and Port from Managed server)


      <wsdl:import location="http:// Managed_Server_IPAddress:Managed Server Port /mailindexing/mailindexing?wsdl&resource=XSD/EMailIndexingAbstract.wsdl" namespace="http://net.apmoller.crb.soa.service.mailIndexing/v1"/>


      Please let us know if we have to perform any configuration changes to make this work on jboss  EAP 5.1.