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    Next JBUG Scotland Event - Openshift 2.0 - Intro and Demo - Edinburgh, 3rd April

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      Introduction To Openshift 2.0 + Demo

      Ian Lawson, Senior Solution Architect/TechLead Red Hat PubSecUK will present Openshift Enterprise 2.0, a product he would have given body-parts to be able to use six years ago. Tailored specifically to cover development from initial prototyping right up to production distribution, OSE2.0 is the innovative engine developers have been craving since day one.


      About The Session
      Red Hat Openshift Enterprise 1.x provided a new way to host development environments, focusing on providing developers with a clean way to develop without the overhead of having to maintain your own stack. Many hours of development are normally wasted ensuring all developers are working to the same goals using the same tools and stack, and especially in an Agile environment, where multiple developers contribute code to singular test environments, mismatch of tools, libraries and even development choices can lead to a huge amount of lost time spent coming up with the golden environment.


      Openshift Enterprise removed all of those issues, providing a multi-tenanted hosting system that actively controlled the developers whilst still offering a huge amount of choice. At OSE2.0 a number of additional features have been added specifically to make Openshift Enterprise a production-centric and production-strength system for all stages of development, including multi-user repositories, hardware load-balancing of application entry points, scale-able binary deployments for reducing the overhead of deploying applications as you move along the stage-gates of development, an open Cartridge format allowing unlimited capabilities and additional tools to be offered to the developers and many other features specific to using a hosted development environment in a proper production way.


      Why use Openshift Enterprise....   Ask your developers.


      Lightning Sessions
      10mins max – presentations on areas of special interest - why not get in touch if you are interested in presenting a Lightning session?


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