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    Out of Memory Heap Space inside JBoss Studio

    Chuck Venutra Newbie


           I'm a spring/hibernate developer looking to make the change to jboss.

           I have the latest jboss studio(7.1) and wildfly(8) installed.

           I created a spring web mvc sample project in studio and got that running.

           Next I started adding new classes (entities) to the sample project and I can get that to run.

           I added a new mssqlserver datasource to standalone.xml - but I don't think that matters. (it's working)

           The problem is if I load a page then go to the browser's refresh button - I can reload the page maybe < 4 times before I hit an java out of memory Java heap space error.

           I just added 4GB of RAM to the system to bring it up to 8GB.

           I've tried adjusting the memory and that doesn't seem to work.

           I've tried to starting wildfly outside of studio and I get the same results.

           I go to the wildfly mgmt. console and I can watch the heap increase with every reload until it goes above 100% and I get the error.

           I know it's probably a setting but I don't know which one.

           I found this problem by trying to alter some css and I wanted to reload the page to see the changes.

           I used to use Tomcat and I copied those memory settings over and it still doesn't work - and the app is much bigger than the small piece I'm working with now.

           I installed Eclipse MAT - but I don't know what to really look for.

           I pretty much used all the defaults and installed everything right out of the box.

           Any help would be greatly appreciated as I think I'm going to have to go back to Tomcat if I don't get this solved soon.

           Thanks in advance