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    Arquillian and drone Headless Linux

    Zachary Fowler Newbie

      Pom.xml versions





      JDK 7

      maven 3.0

      seleniumhq; api, java, remote-driver 2.35.


      Running in ubuntu 13.10

      firefox 25.0



      I have an application that can successfully run the UI tests from my lap top with our current arquillian.xml using firefox and chrome.
      When i use maven to run the tests in the terminal of our continuous integration server Atlassian Bamboo, When i take a snap shot of the Xvfb display the url is pointing

      However the tests fail as the browser at the above url is a bad request and then none of the html id can be found..

      Has anybody successfully understood this process?

      I have found:

      Running arquillian drone headless with jenkins

      which was significant help; but i have questions about the use of the Selenium extensions, As i do not use them to run locally are they needed?

      Your diligence and expertise is required!


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          Karel Piwko Master

          Hey Zachary,


          As for bad URL are you using remote or managed container? Which one? This is not really related to Drone but I believe you have your application/web server server configured to bind to all interfaces. E.g. with JBoss AS7/WF8 -b

          You don't want that. Either bind it to particular IP or (localhost). That way you'll get an URL via @ArquillianResource that you'd be able to open in browser.


          Note as for running headless, you might also want to setup browser to be phantomjs, no need to have Xvfb ;-)