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    Why is there a bpel-pom.xml in quickstarts?


      I think this came in through the JDF work.  I don't see much point in having this POM around if the point is to have the individual quickstarts work standalone.  Any objections to removing bpel-pom.xml? 


      Related question: I think we should have a sandbox directory in quickstarts where we put apps which are not actively maintained/supported in the community or are broken in some way.  IIRC, the bpel-xts quickstarts fall into this category.  I'm tempted to say that any quickstart which is not validated in our release build should be in the sandbox (demos being the exception).

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          That is fine with me - unfortunately I don't have time to support the XTS work that Ivo did, so its just in as really a tech preview. If Ivo has time to investigate the issues with the quickstarts, then possibly they could be moved back into the release - however they require some specific configuration which makes them more involved to run anyway.