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    JBoss2.2.2 to JBoss 2.4.10 CMP persistence

    hkazmi Newbie

      I recently migrated my application deployed on JBoss 2.2.2 to JBoss 2.4.10. I was hoping it would be a straight forward migration as I am using CMP for my beans and using the inbuilt persistence of jboss, no third party database.

      Anyway, it seems JBoss 2.4.10 is configured differently for persistence. It might be caching my entity beans and not writing them immediately to the persistence store. Although nothing goes wrong, but I find a lot of data is not persisted when the application crashes (or I forcefully close it under test). The application ususally starts with Transaction rollbacks in my Session beans.

      Basically I loose some of the latest transactions when jboss restarts.

      How do I configure jboss CMP so that it immedaitely persist changes in my EJBs.