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    Trying to pass in properties to a cli script

    Russell Nile Newbie



      I am trying to set up a generic cli script and pass in properties for each environment.  I try this:

      File contents of killme.props:



      File contents of killme.cli

      echo $testprop



      jboss-cli --file=killme.cli --properties=killme.props


      but it always tells me:

      C:\dev\wildfly-8.0.0.Final\bin>jboss-cli --file=killme.cli --properties=killme.props

      jboss-cli --file killme.cli --properties killme.props

      Unrecognized variable testprop


      I am quite sure I am doing something very basic wrong...but I think I am so close to the forest I can't see the trees...can someone help?