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    Jbpm generics support on process variable definitions

    Diego Bramati Newbie



      I'm using JBPM 5.4 on a project and i have a question.

      I cannot find informations about jbpm support of generics collections in process variables definitions.


      If i try to define a process variable "listOfSomething" of type "java.util.List<Something>" i found errors like this compiling process


           The value 'java.util.List<Something>' of attribute 'structureRef' on element 'itemDefinition' is not valid with respect to its type, 'QName'


      If i try to define listOfSomething as a simple "java.util.List" and iterate this way


          for (Something something : listOfSomething )



      in a task script i receive errors messages like this


           The method method() is undefined for the type Object


      The strange thing i found is that it seems that in script tasks i can use collection definition using generics without no problem, so i can't understand if Jbpm supports generics or not.