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    wildfly & PicketLink as a SSO for one EAR and multiple WARs in it?

    Hans Kaiser Newbie

      Hello all,


      I try to figure out, what picketlink is and how it is used. Sorry for maybe stupid questions, but I am a newbe on wildfly and the JBoss AS tools/modules.


      Till now I am struggeling with getting my wildfly 8.0.0.final a running web application SSO (single sign on).

      My project has one EAR-file, which contains multiple WAR-files.

      The WAR-files are either a BASIC or a FORM authentication. Depends on the usage of the WAR-file.


      My default wildfly requires for every WAR-file (context) a authentication, even if the user are the same for every WAR file.

      Also the cookies generated for every WAR-file (context) differ. So how can I enable the usage of only one Cookie for all WAR-files in one EAR-file?


      Additionally how can I use Picketlink in combination with wildfly? PicketLink 2.5.2 is already part of the distribution of wildfly, but if I try to use the classes of picketlink (like the ServletFilter) I am getting a NoClassDefFound error.


      The last question is, can I upgrade the wildfly 8.0.0.final to use the current picketlink? How to do this?

      I need the OAuth provider of PicketLink for my application.


      many questions from a new user...