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    arquillian-persistence-api sql scripts

    smog Newbie

      Hi, i am using

      arquillian-persistence-api version:1.0.0.Alpha6

      wildfly 8.0.0 Final


      The problem is my sql scripts are not called. I tried it out with H2 and PostgreSql both not working ;/

      My scripts are located under src/test/resources/scripts (i tried other locations same result)


      This is my H2 jbossas-ds.xml


          <datasource enabled="true"







      Works fine, datasource is bound, everything is ok.


      My Test class:




      public class ServiceTest {



      No exceptions, nothing, scripts are just not loaded. I tried to specify startup scripts in arquillian.xml, same result

          <extension qualifier="persistence-script">

              <property name="scriptsToExecuteBeforeTest">scripts/create.sql</property>



      This driving my crazy


      tnx in advance!




      PS Problem is solved, wrong dependency instead of api i should include impl