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    Custom attributes for BPMN elements?

    Martin Podolski Newbie



      I'm trying to extend existing BPMN elements in the jBPM Eclipse plug-in. I watched this Screencast (http://eclipse.org/bpmn2-modeler/videos/CustomTask-Example-part1.htm) for the BPMN2 Modeler however the method explained there (define own ECore object and emf generator file) seems to be viable only for creating new elements with custom attributes. My second approach was writing a plug-in for the jBPM Eclipse plug-in but I cannot find a suitable extension point for my plugin.xml. Is there any extension point for attributes of elements or custom tasks that can overwrite available attributes of existing elements?


      Here's an example of what I'm trying to do:

      Let's assume we have the jBPM 6.01 plug-in installed in our Eclipse Kepler standard version. Now we create a new jBPM project and choose the Hello World example project. This creates a small sample.bpmn with a start event, a script task, and an end event. When I click the script task, I would like to have a new tab in it's properties called MyTab which has an input text field. In a second step, I would like to have this MyTab with the text field in many BPMN elements, not only in script tasks.


      Please advice how I can do this or point me in the right direction. I have tried searching for similar problems, but I did not find anything specific to jBPM. Thank you!


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