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    Multiple JBoss servers and one oracle database

    Rainer Montag Newbie


      i'm using JBoss 3.2.3 and Oracle 9i Release 2. I like to run an application on multiple jboss server instances using one database and don't want to cluster. My application has several EJB's which only read data from the DB and exactly one BMP entity bean writing to the DB. Because every instance can modify a row in my table, I have to care about synchronization and a locking strategy for my entity bean.

      As I understand, I have to set Commit Option B or C for my entity bean. I also saw some information about row-level-locking and a "<select-for-update>" entry in the forum but can't find out what this means. I also checked the documentation. Did I need some additional settings for these things and where must I apply them ?

      Thanks in advance,