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    Swimlanes in KIE WB Process Designer

    Marc J Novice

      I just wondered how Swimlanes are interpreted in a jBPM Business Process. It seems like they aren`t related to any role. So you always have to assign each task to one or more users / user groups independent of the underlying Swimlane - is that correct?

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          micste Newbie

          The V5 Documentation says

          User tasks can be used in combination with swimlanes to assign multiple human tasks to the same actor. Whenever the first task in a swimlane is created, and that task has an actorId specified, that actorId will be assigned to (all other tasks of) that swimlane as well. Note that this would override the actorId of subsequent tasks in that swimlane (if specified), so only the actorId of the first human task in a swimlane will be taken into account, all others will then take the actorId as assigned in the first one.

          Whenever a human task that is part of a swimlane is completed, the actorId of that swimlane is set to the actorId that executed that human task. This allows for example to assign a human task to a group of users, and to assign future tasks of that swimlame to the user that claimed the first task. This will also automatically change the assignment of tasks if at some point one of the tasks is reassigned to another user.


          In V6 I didn't found that part of the documentation so I'm not sure if it works the same or different there.